by Hudson Yellow

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released June 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Hudson Yellow Fort Worth, Texas

Guitar- Luis Medina
Vocals- Sean Ramsey
Bass- Justin Cooley
Drums- Taylor Poston

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Track Name: Boing
She left red lines
On either side of my spine
To remember her by
Your smile's on my mind
From you I can't hide
Morning breath
Made sex just right
Ends with time
But time ain't real
It's forgetfulness that heals
She couldn't handle it
Grabbed her bag and left
And I guess Monet
Made an impression on me
Charcoal on teeth
Red paints the sheets
And I'm so tired
But I cannot
Fall asleep
Cause all these dreams
Try to take hold of me
And I've got some
Enough for two
And I've got some
For me for you
And it hits
Goes straight to my head
And when it hits
Track Name: Halitosis
So whatcha got
Whatcha got to lose
I'll lose my mind
Gonna lose it soon
Tried it once and it was for me
Night I ran out into the sea
Try to kill me
Started to welcome the sink
But you've got your words
Swimming in your head
No it ain't your time
Not just yet
If it feels like the end
You just gotta push it
So whatcha got
Whatcha got to lose?
A song for me a song for you
Always running away
Just wish I was in a different place
You knew
Rattled my cage
Look through my face
And I would like to make
A single plea
Yeah you can go
Just leave a piece of me
I hope you've seen some pretty things
From your window seat
In my train of thought
You knew
That I would wait
You knew
I'd sit patiently